Service Information

QuantityWare professionals have a deep and thorough knowledge of the many facets of quantity management.

We speak your language. Whether your organisation is concerned with the intrinsic complexities of bulk oil & gas product volumes handling, the quantity data flow of these products through complex global supply chains, or the necessary quantity conversions based on a multitude of measurement standards, QuantityWare is your partner. We have the knowledge and experience required to ensure that modern ERP systems provide accurate data for all financially relevant processes.

Our current BCS (Bulk Calculations Solution) service offerings are listed below:  Additional service offerings will be made available in the future, and we are always ready to fulfill customer specific services with general consultancy, as required.

SAP QCI Audit Service

For both liquids and gases, QuantityWare offers a structured audit of your SAP QCI calculations.
Update 2013: This service is no longer being offered by QuantityWare as it can now be performed as a “self-service” by certified QuantityWare users or consultants using the latest version of BCS 10B.

Standard Implementation (STI) Audit

For all petroleum, chemicals or natural gas measurement standards supported by QuantityWare solutions, we investigate and report on the quality of your current calculation implementations.