Training Information

With our Bulk Calculations Solution (BCS), QuantityWare delivers a unique and highly flexible petroleum and natural gas quantity calculation, measurement, test and governance solution.
The four BCS software products:

  • CTP (Compliance & Transparency – Petroleum)
  • CTG Compliance & Transparency – Gas)
  • BCP (Bulk Calculations – Petroleum)
  • BCG (Bulk Calculations – Gas)

… can be installed und used “out of the box”, as we deliver a comprehensive, industry-orientated configuration template; this is a simple and effective way by which our customers can “install and use” our solutions.
However if you, as a customer or consultant,  have a thorough understanding of the measurements context of your or your customers’ business requirements and how this can be reflected through the configuration options built into our products, you can leverage the full potential of our solution.
To help our customers and implementation partners, QuantityWare offers the following training possibilities: