QuantityWare’s founders all have extensive previous experience in the field of consulting in the SAP ERP  market. Together, they can call on more than fifty years of experience working within SAP R/3 systems environments.

The main areas of expertise gathered within the company are centered on technical basis, technical programming and applications programming (from R/2 onwards) in SAP ERP systems environments. Our team members have been involved with the design, programming and delivery of the SAP Oil & Gas product, as well the product’s technical implementation at many sites around the globe.

When did we start?

As far back as 1995 we were interested in the theoretical possibility to write a simple version of a required quantity conversion standard for the SAP Oil&Gas solution and started to, “just for fun”, design a possible implementation, however nothing came of this possibility. In 2004 we decided to re-visit the idea as it was becoming obvious to us that the in-transparent nature of existing quantity conversion calculations’ possibilities combined with the complex technical nature and risks of an operating-system based implementation, was not fitting to the SAP ideal of understandable business processes and platform independence.

What are we implementing?

We started with the idea to provide a commonly required industry standard for usage within the SAP Oil&Gas solution. After achieving this – and being quite proud of our achievement – we then realized that technical brilliance is one thing, but the whole area of quantity calculations required a “boost” to its visibility; the area was often ignored, its criticality and value completely underestimated by the general business, project teams and management. For this reason, we created the Petroleum Measurement Cockpit (PMC) and Gas Measurement Cockpit (GMC), to provide a central point from which consultants and expert users could start to organize and document their work in this area, raising visibility to, and control for, management. Recognizing and responding to the challenges of the growing interest in GRC (Governance, Risk and Compliance) approaches, we designed the PMC and GMC to heighten transparency, understanding and support GRC measures aimed at the life-blood of any energy, chemical or bulk good-processing industry – bulk goods quantity conversions.

As a result of our aspirations and efforts, we have consolidated our initial products into a single solution, unique within the market, fully integrated with SAP Oil&Gas, certified by SAP and in productive use around the globe, 24x7x365. We have divested functionality in order to offer it to existing SAP Oil&Gas customers who do not wish to “challenge the status quo” of their bulk goods quantity conversion, but wish to have more control of, and bring transparency to, this most vital area.

We continually aspire to fulfill our customers’ dynamic requirements, spread understanding and knowledge of this field and empower all those organizations that have shown their trust in us through the implementation of our solution.