QuantityWares’ guiding principles and strengths are:
  • Standard compliance
  • Maximum precision
  • Transparency
  • Customer value.

QuantityWare was founded to develop and support quantity conversion solutions for liquid and gaseous bulk products. Bulk products are produced in large amounts all over the world within various industries, the oil & gas and petrochemical industry being the most prominent. Exact knowledge of bulk quantity values along a complex supply chain is the basis for all related business processes, from excise duty calculations to accurate inventory positions, custody transfer processing and customer pricing calculations. The importance of exact quantities and units for quantities is best described in the Business plan of ISO:

“Quantities and units are used in practically all industries in the world…The economic size of the markets can be estimated to trillions of US dollars per year.”
“Quantities and units have been used by mankind during more than two thousand years. In the beginning the units were very local – the size of a foot could vary from village to village – and the units for the same quantity were completely different in different fields of application. There was no connection between the unit of length and the unit of volume; there is no simple relation between inch and gallon.”
“There is an old saying: No standards for quantities and units – no trade!”
“The use of non-standardized quantities and units is a serious barrier to trade”.
From: Business Plan ISO/TC 12 (PDF)

This is especially true for quantities of crude oil and its products as well as natural gas, which require specific conversion methods based on national and international standards. These standards include various conditions such as temperature and pressure, as they heavily influence quantity calculations. QuantityWare has a deep and thorough understanding of all aspects of both national and international standards that are relevant for such conversions; from scientific engineering through information technology, to national and international business requirements.

Our solutions are based on relevant international and industry specific standards. For the Oil & Gas industry, the American Petroleum Institute, the American Society for Testing and Materials, the Gas Processors Association and the American Gas Association (see linklist), are all leading standardization organizations that provide state-of-the-art standards for quantity conversions.

QuantityWare’s solution has expanded since 2006. We have unified our implementations of such standards to be part of a single solution – BCS – “Bulk Calculations – Solution”, while making our mature framework of calculation management tools and processes available to customers wishing to optimise their existing configuration. Our implementations are built, tested and maintained according to the official implementation guidelines of each relevant standard, within a strict technical framework allowing seamless low-effort integration with existing systems. Customer specific implementations are available on request.