The Future

QuantityWare is fully committed to the global oil & gas and allied industries:

„We calculate – all bulk product quantity values, with maximum quality, for any organization around the globe, based upon existing or future measurement standards“

We can act as your trusted advisor to help you manage your complex business challenges in the field of quantity calculations.
Further topics of action for our company which are currently being worked upon are:

  • The encouragement of transparency and application of GRC values to bulk calculations in new and existing SAP implementations
  • The continuous enhancements of our solutions based on technological and measurement standards enhancements, to support all legal and business requirements
  • The development of strong and mutually respectful relations with the oil & gas measurement expert community

What drives us?

Our aims are to develop long-term business relationships with our customers, providing them with a stable, knowledgeable partner that grows with its customers. The oil and gas business is changing – our task is to allow our customers to meet the challenges of change, efficiently, painlessly and with confidence.