The Solution

Quantity conversion calculations are a central task within the oil & gas industries. Whether you are running an SAP Oil & Gas system, developing real-time oil & gas measurement systems, or designing sophisticated bulk inventory management systems, QuantityWare is here to solve your complex engineering & business process challenges when it comes to standards based, quantity conversions.

Combined with a thorough understanding of the global oil & gas supply chain, QuantityWare professionals leverage deep engineering and business process knowledge with technical IT expertise to offer a complete Bulk Calculations Solution (BCS) to the oil & gas and allied industries. Our Bulk Calculations Solution (BCS) contains four software products.

For “installed base” customers wishing to increase transparency and management control of their existing calculations configuration, we offer our “Compliance & Transparency – Petroleum / Gas” (CTP / CTG)  products.

For customers wishing to implement a comprehensive “end to end” solution encompassing the management and implementation of calculations, we offer our products Bulk Calculations Petroleum (BCP) and Bulk Calculations Gas (BCG).

The BCS solution and all its component products is easy to install and seamlessly integrates into all SAP oil & gas logistics processes.

QuantityWare lays great value upon the fact that our products are designed and produced to obtain both maximum transparency and financial benefit for our customers. With dedicated implementation partners, we master the integration of complex engineering & business requirements into all business processes and provide expert consulting support based on our proven BCS Product Assessment & Implementation Guidelines. (to document for CTP, CTGBCP, BCG)

Our BCS product trainings enable us to share our product-specific knowledge with consulting partners, measurement specialists and the business analysts that design, implement and monitor quantity conversion solutions.

Our BCS Audit services allow us to leverage our unique knowledge with the oil & gas industry for all critical measurement standard implementations, even in environments where our products are not being used.

Our support staff is ready to assist 24x7x365 with any issues you may be facing with your dedicated quantity conversion solutions.