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Bulk Calculations – Solution (BCS)

BCS Architecture – Diagram [48.4 KByte]

  • BCS promotes simple-to-deliver transparency and GRC framework application to the bottom-line of your business – bulk goods quantity conversion management.
  • BCS contains a fully-capable calculations engine for the SAP Oil&Gas solution, supporting all necessary quantity conversion standards in their historical, current and future forms, as required by the energy industry and its regulatory bodies.
  • BCS is:


Compliance & Transparency – Petroleum (CTP) and Compliance & Transparency – Gas (CTG) are suited for customers who wish to increase transparency and management control of their existing calculations configuration, without changing their current quantity calculation methods.


BCP (Bulk Calculations – Petroleum) and BCG (Bulk Calculations – Gas) include all CTP and CTG functionality and are designed for new implementations and “end-to-end” process renovation.