Our Core Team

QuantityWare’s founders have over seventy years of experience in the fields of consulting and development within the SAP Oil & Gas solution space. Our team members have been involved with the design, programming and delivery of the SAP Oil & Gas solution, as well the product’s technical implementation at many sites around the globe.

John Mantle

Managing Director

Currently responsible for all business activities within QuantityWare, John has worked with the SAP Oil & Gas industry solution since 1993, where he acted as a technical basis solution expert. He has a deep working knowledge of systems installation, management and technical migration.

In addition to ‘standard project’ implementation support, John has also created numerous problem-specific technical solutions at customer sites.

Supporting the SAP Oil & Gas development team for many years at SAP in Walldorf and working on a project basis with the SAP Add On Factory department, he produced technical packages for industry solutions.

Dr. Markus Seng

Director, Solution Development

Responsible for BCS solution management and training at QuantityWare, Markus is a highly experienced Solution Architect who has been working with the SAP Oil & Gas industry solution since 1997.

He has designed and implemented major parts of the SAP Oil & Gas solution, specifically, SAP QCI, with unique knowledge in the area of quantity conversion theory and implementation.

Rita Mantle

Director, Finances

Responsible for all financial and office activities at QuantityWare, Rita uses her unique experience from the medical field combined with 11 years financial management in an IT company to ensure QuantityWare’s compliant and transparent business operations.

Henry Collier

Head of Internal Systems and Infrastructure

Responsible for the reliability of all QuantityWare IT infrastructure and web services, Henry leverages his 20 years of experience as a systems engineer and analyst working within a global automotive manufacturer to ensure smooth operation of all internal and external systems.

Henry enables all productive and back-office operations to run smoothly on QuantityWare’s rich technology mix of Windows, Unix and Linux across server, client and web environments.

Günter Spens

– *02.04.1952 †17.10.2018

Director, Application, Design and Solution Development

As the QuantityWare Development Manager and founding Partner, Günter was a Senior Basis, Application and Development Consultant who worked with the SAP Oil & Gas solution from 1989. During this time he acted as technical basis solution expert, developing new solutions, enhancements, interfaces and providing product support.

He designed and implemented major parts of the SAP Oil & Gas solution, specifically, SAP QCI, and had unique knowledge in the area of high performance interfaces and numerous SAP Oil & Gas solution components.

He is missed.