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Many Components. Working Together.

The software of Bulk Calculations Solution (BCS) shares a core base of powerful calculation intelligence, with components that suit your needs applied on top of that. BCS delivers two products – use BCG and BCP to implement powerful quantity conversions, and use CTG and CTP (included in BCG and BCP respectively) to analyze your existing calculations.



Our globally proven and unique products BCP (Bulk Calculations – Petroleum) & BCG (Bulk Calculations – Gas) allow customers to leverage our GRC and Transparency functionality as well as integrating a full range of measurement standards implementations.

These can be provided either in parallel to existing calculations, or run exclusively in their SAP Oil, Gas, and Energy systems.


Part of BCP and BCG, CTP (Compliance & Transparency – Petroleum) and CTG (Compliance & Transparency – Gas) respectively provide BCS consultants and customers the ability to analyze, document and govern their quantity conversion configurations and calculations from a central, structured transaction – the Petroleum Measurement Cockpit (PMC) or the Gas Measurement Cockpit (GMC).

The PMC and GMC provide access to our unique GRC and transparency functionality helping define, assess and control the risks inherent with such implementations.

Product Overview

To find out more about each of the BCS products, please see the product brochures below: