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QuantityWare is used everywhere within the Oil, Gas, and Allied industries – across the globe and at all levels.

From Global Majors to small Secondary Distribution companies

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Where SAP Oil, Gas, and Energy is in use, whether on-prem, Cloud or RISE

Are My Products Covered?

Yes, we cover all major national and international measurement standards (API, ISO, ASTM, GPA, AGA, GOST etc.).

We clearly document all products and measurement standards which we support. Please refer to the following documents for more details:

BCS - Information - Supported Products Manual

Here we describe the fundamental division between our BCP, BCG, CTP and CTG Products, based upon the products which they support. (7 pages)

Bulk Calculations Petroleum BCP 3.0 - Supported Standards Manual

A complete definition of all standards supported by BCP. E.g. calculation models, CTPL, mass / weight & UoM conversion factors. ASTM D1250 product-specific annexes (e.g. Crude Oil, MTBE, etc.) well as other products (e.g. LPG, aromatics, asphalt, butadiene, etc.) CPL integrations, standard range limit extensions and BCP Installation Test details. (27 pages)

Bulk Calculations Gas BCG 3.0 - Supported Standards Manual

A complete definition of all standards supported by BCG. E.g. calculation models, calculation of densities & heating values from composition, compression factor standards & UoM conversion factors. Physical property range limits as well as specific standard implementation and BCG Installation Test details. (21 pages)

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