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The highly interactive BCP and BCG training courses cover the full capabilities of the QuantityWare BCP and BCG products within the BCS solution. After course completion, delegates will be able to monitor, test, configure and extend quantity conversion solutions via the QuantityWare Measurement Cockpits using the product-specific reference client template.

Course Content

Our training is designed for SAP Oil & Gas consultants and customer measurement specialists within the industry. Through our training we ensure that an active network of certified consultants is globally available.

Both the BCP and the BCG training is a five day intensive course, where a maximum of five participants will learn all major aspects of BCS implementation through intensive, project-oriented presentations and exercises.

Participants will work within a scenario where they are responsible for the implementation of a model company’s BCS installation.

After an individual presentation of the goals achieved, course participants will be awarded their BCS certification and receive a privileged user in the QuantityWare Service Portal.

For further information on our courses, please download our BCP Certified Consultant Training and BCG Certified Consultant Training brochures.

Course List

Upcoming Courses

Below are our upcoming training courses. To register one or more attendees to a course, click the “Register” button and complete our online registration form.

Owing to the current COVID-19 Pandemic, courses will be held only if local pandemic legalisation allows. All registered course delegates will be contacted by QuantityWare per e-mail four weeks before the course date to confirm course occurrence and to define the then-current restrictions and necessary medical pre-requisites.

Course Duration Date Places Brochure Register
BCP Certified Consultant Training 5 Days 25th April 2022 3 Download Register

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Additional courses at our QuantityWare headquarters, with a minimum number of three participants, can be arranged on request.

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