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Flexible, Scaled Pricing

BCS is used by a wide variety of organizations – from those in a single country using a simple set-up through to global organizations with a complex configuration. A simple pricing scale matches each organization’s usage, with an annual usage fee.
Prospective customers can fill out our self-assessment questionnaire to determine their position on our pricing matrix (shown below) or first apply for non-obligatory, fully-functional test usage keys for up to two SAP Systems, without charge, which can be requested via our Service Portal.
Configuration consulting services are not included in our offering. For more details, please see our certified consultants area.


Our pricing classification is based on three key aspects of your organization’s deployment:

  1. Scale – The size of your organization (national, continental or global)
  2. Usage – The complexity of your organization’s configuration (simple, standard or complex)
  3. Software – The products you intend to perform quantity calculations / validation of legacy calculations on using QuantityWare BCP or BCG.

To discover your organization’s classification, please fill out our self-assessment questionnaire.

Pricing Model

We offer a simple annual “subscription” model, which includes all system usage keys, maintenance and upgrade rights (see support for details), for a single annual fee.

Multiple years can be purchased upon customer request.

We provide a discounted fee for those customers purchasing both BCP and BCG.

In addition, we provide supplements for processing specific products:

  • A “Condensate” supplement for our gas product BCG. This allows our customers to perform productive condensate calculations or validate legacy calculations without requiring a full BCP product, as condensate calculations require the use of a petroleum quantity conversion standard.
  • A “Hydrogen & Industrial Gases” supplement, required if processing 100% hydrogen gas / hydrogen gas mixtures greater than 5% / other industrial gases using BCG (see our FAQ for more details).


Pricing Matrix

NOTE: QuantityWare pricing will be adjusted effective 2025-04-01 (1st April, 2025). Please read this FAQ for further information.



* A bulk discount of 30% is applied on the lower costing product.

Scale Simple Standard Complex


BCP Condensate **

** A BCP Condensate supplement discount of 50% is applied to all condensate supplements.

Scale Simple Standard Complex

Hydrogen & Industrial Gases ***

*** Required for BCG support of 100% hydrogen gas / hydrogen gas mixtures greater than 5% / other industrial gases

Scale Simple Standard Complex

All prices represent annual Euro usage fees, excluding German VAT and any applicable foreign taxes, duties or levies.

See our Usage Questionnaire for further details.