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Standards Update: ASTM D1555

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Standard ASTM D1555 – Standard Test Method for Calculation of Volume and Weight of Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Cyclohexane – has been revised and issued as a new 2021 version. QuantityWare has carefully analyzed this new U.S. customary unit version. ASTM D1555M-16 (the metric version of ASTM D1555) has (until date of publication of this News Item) no revision and no new revised version. Concerning ASTM D1555-21, our analysis has shown that ASTM D1555-16 BCP template conversion groups are in compliance with this new 2021 version. An online documentation update for the PMC will be delivered with the next BCS 30x Collective Note.

BCS 3.0A CSP02 / BCS 3.0B CSP01 Released

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With support for revised standard versions, usability enhancements and minor corrections, these CSPs (CSP02 for BCS3.0A and CSP01 for BCS3.0B) also contain ASTM Table 1 conversion factors for all quantities (e.g. GSM, GSW, GSV, NSW, NSM and NSV) and automation / monitoring of BCS-specific tasks per SAP SCCMS. See the release Notes in our Knowledge Base for further details. Registered users can find all CSP files in the DataLounge within our Service portal, for download.

To coincide with this CSP release, we have also updated and re-released virtually all documentation in a new, modern format.

Usage License Purchase via SAPStore

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It is now possible to purchase QuantityWare Annual Usage Agreements via the SAPStore.

Simply call and enter “QuantityWare” in the search field – you will then land in our SAPStore presence.
SAPStore Euro prices are 15% higher than standard QuantityWare pricing, however customers and prospective customers still have the ability to purchase from QuantityWare, directly.
Although slightly more expensive, the SAPStore purchase option can provide major customer benefits, e.g:

  • customers can purchase our solution along with SAP software on a single SAP Bill of Materials,
  • public sector customers often have complex supplier rulings – purchasing via SAPStore may simplify, or make a purchase process possible.

All standard QuantityWare Terms and Conditions apply – there are no purchasing “channel” differences in the extent or quality of solution and service.
We are glad to be able to provide an additional, flexible purchasing method for our customers and prospective customers leveraging SAP Partner standard offerings.

Standards Update: API MPMS Chapter 12.2

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API MPMS Chapter 12.2, 2nd Edition, Calculation of Petroleum Quantities Using Dynamic Measurement Methods and Volumetric Correction Factors, has been released in July 2021 and supersedes the following standards, all of which are withdrawn:

  • API MPMS Chapter 12.2.1, 2nd Edition 1995,
  • API MPMS Chapter 12.2.2, 3rd Edition 2003,
  • API MPMS Chapter 12.2.3, 1st Edition 1998.

QuantityWare will carefully analyze this new edition with respect to any impacts on the supported QuantityWare BCS calculation models.

15th Anniversary

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We thank our customers and allied consultants for their trust in our product and company. Over 15 years, we have:

  • served over 90 customers in more than 30 countries
  • supported SAP platforms from legacy ECC, to the latest S/4 HANA genres
  • provided the industry with a unique, cohesive ISO 91:2017 quantity-conversions solution
  • extended our network of certified consultants – providing independent global support.

We are responsible for the calculation of billions of dollars’ worth of product throughout the industries’ value chain, from the largest E&P companies to the smallest secondary distributors.
Natural Gas and Hydrogen adoption are the next challenges and we are already at work on these topics.

Covid Discount Policy

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In reaction to the current challenges presented to the industry through the global Corona pandemic, QuantityWare has decided to provide the following assistance to our customers and prospective customers as follows:

  • QuantityWare tries to offer the lowest prices to its customers; for this reason, our prices for existing agreements have been held stable since 2015. To enable consistent future planning and reduce budgetary pressure, our price matrix values will not be increased until 2024.
  • A 10% discount will be given on the NET sum of all BCS annual invoices raised in the period 01.05.2021 to 30.04.2022. This discount will be defined on the invoices as “CPD” and will be added automatically – no specific application or request is necessary.

If our (prospective) customers have any questions regarding this topic, please open an “Agreement” ticket in our service portal –

New Standard Support: Emulsified Asphalt

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ASTM D4311 does not support temperature corrections for emulsified asphalt. Thus, QuantityWare has reviewed the MS-19 Basic Asphalt Emulsion Manual, which provides a temperature-volume correction table B.1 for emulsified asphalt. This manual is classified as a regional/product specific standard. With note 000096, an advanced development is now delivered to all QuantityWare BCS customers, to support emulsified asphalt quantity conversions based on the MS-19 volume correction factor table.

SAP®S/4HANA Cloud, extended edition – Support

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The QuantityWare Bulk Calculations Solution 3.0B has successfully completed its certification as the only “SAP® Certified – Integration with SAP® S/4HANA Cloud” quantity conversion and governance solution available for the SAP Oil & Gas solution; thus BCS 3.0B has now been released by QuantityWare for productive usage on SAP Oil & Gas on S/4HANA 2020 (S/4HC 2020_EX).