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SAP Model Company®

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QuantityWare is proud to support the latest SAP innovation for implementation acceleration for SAP Oil & Gas®. For the SAP Model Company® release based on SAP S/4 HANA® 1709, QuantityWare BCS is shipped with SAP’s delivery. Customers wanting to take advantage of QuantityWare’s BCS pre-configuration benefits can request test licenses via our standard automated procedure For details see

BCG/BCP Condensate Calculations – Pricing

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It is recommended by the American Petroleum Institute (API) (Section “Natural and Drip Gasolines” on page 7 in BCP Supported Standards) to calculate Condensate with the main oil CTPL standard API MPMS Chapter 11.1 (1980/2004) – ASTM D1250-xx(yy) (current version 08(13)). This major oil CTPL standard is supplied in our BCP product, but not in BCG.
To support the industries’ need to perform extensive calculations for a fair price, we have introduced special pricing for the additional purchase of a BCP license to compliment a BCG license exclusively for the calculation of Condensate. BCG Customers receive a 30% discount on the appropriate BCP license as a second product (valid for all customers) and specifically for the exclusive use of condensate calculations, we offer a further 50% discount on that BCP price.
Support for this complexity in the licensing questionnaire will be added as soon as possible.

BCS Training Schedule 2018

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The Certification Training Schedule for our BCP and BCG training courses is now available for 2018 (see here).
For both training courses, online quotation and registration is possible. The new 2018 BCP and BCG course brochures are available too, reflecting the updated course content for the 2018 training season, based on 10 years of experience and learning with our BCS certification training.

SAP®S/4HANA 1709 Support

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The QuantityWare Bulk Calculations Solution 3.0B has successfully completed its certification as the only “SAP® Certified – Integration with SAP® S/4HANA” quantity conversion and governance solution available for the SAP Oil & Gas solution. (To certificate.)

Thus, BCS 3.0B has now been released by QuantityWare for productive usage.

Standards Update: ISO 6578

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ISO 6578 has been published as second edition in October 2017. It cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO 6578:1991). QuantityWare has carefully analyzed this new edition and confirms that existing BCS 3.0 implementations are technically compliant with the second edition.
Physical property data for LNG and LPG calculations have been updated with newly available figures. LPG calculation methods have also been reorganized and equation numbers changed. Thus, with BCS 3.0 CSP02 – planned delivery Q1 2019 – new additional physical property data sets and model constant sets with new ISO 6578:2017 LPG and NGL template conversion groups will be delivered. In February 2018, detailed guidance for customers requiring earlier configuration support will be available with note 000076. This note will also deliver non-critical documentation adjustments for ISO 6578:2017 configurations.

Standards Update: AGA Report No. 8

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AGA Report No. 8: “Thermodynamic Properties of Natural Gas and Related Gases – DETAIL and GROSS Equations of State” has been issued as third Edition in April 2017 and revises AGA Report No. 8, second edition, 1994. QuantityWare has performed a detailed analysis of this revised version. As stated in this revision, the same equations of state as in the 1994 edition are applied in this third edition; property limits have been modified, thus calculated properties should have the same values as in the 1994 edition. In addition, QuantityWare will perform comparison calculations – as encouraged in this third edition – of property values obtained with QuantityWare BCG and the third edition Annex B data, which will then be included into the relevant installation test reports for shipment with BCS 3.0 CSP02, which is currently planned for release in Q1 2019.