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Price Adjustment 2025 Q2

Since its initial release in 2006, the QuantityWare Solution BCS and its component products BCP and BCG have grown and diversified with the addition of many new and revised quantity conversion standards. This includes existing industry products and those gaining increasing visibility e.g., industrial gases, hydrogen.

Additionally, many of the valuable internal management and GRC functions available within the Petroleum and Gas Measurement Cockpits have been revised and extended, heightening quality and giving customers access to increased functionality.

After 10 years of price stability, QuantityWare is announcing a 10% price rise of all products. This price rise will be effective as of 2025-04-01 (1st April, 2025).

Current prices will be honored for all existing contracts and renewal requests (maximum 3 annual periods) if all the following conditions are fulfilled:

  1. The renewal is finalized – i.e. a Purchase Order valid for three years is received – before the end of the current valid agreement period.
  2. Renewal is due before 2025-04-01.
  3. A new Usage Questionnaire is submitted at the time of renewal request.


  • A “Continental / Standard” customer annual usage agreement period is due to finish on 2025-01-31.
  • Before expiry, the customer requests a renewal of three (3) annual periods until 2028-01-31.
  • All three periods will be charged at the “current” annual usage rate of 53.900€.
  • All periods from 2028-02-01 onward, will be charged at the “new” (2025) rate of 59.300€.

The following tables describe the exact NET price rise for the products and supplements concerned:

If customers have any further questions concerning this topic, please open a “Financial” ticket in the QuantityWare service portal.

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