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Procedural FAQs

Answers to common questions regarding procedures and processes concerning your agreement

Can I use a "Purchaser" Organization?

Principally, QuantityWare GmbH sells Annual Usage Agreements directly to end-customers. QuantityWare has no general re-sellers authorized to re-sell it’s software to any customer – all exceptions to direct purchase must be regulated on a per-customer basis.

We understand that in certain circumstances, end-customers may have internal procedures and requirements which restrict their ability to purchase an Annual Usage Agreement for QuantityWare’s BCS (Bulk Calculations Solution) directly from QuantityWare. In this case, QuantityWare supports customer needs by allowing the use of a “Purchaser” organization. This organization must be selected independently by the end-customer and assigned to their QuantityWare Support Portal presence.

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Why do we require consultants to be certified in the products before offering non-chargeable Test Licenses?

As part of our standard practice, we require at least one consultant to be certified in the products you will be demonstrating/configuring (BCP, BCG, or both) before providing non-chargeable test licenses. This certification ensures that the consultant possesses the necessary expertise and knowledge to effectively showcase and configure our solutions. A correct implementation is crucial for showcasing the software, and it helps prevent potential issues that could impact your project, future business, and QuantityWare’s reputation.

How can I access the required certification training courses?

We conduct a limited number of training courses each year,

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How does the QuantityWare procurement process work?

Your organization is interested in using QuantityWare BCS (Bulk Calculations Solution).

QuantityWare GmbH in Germany is the single source for the purchase of Usage Agreement rights.

1. Usage Questionnaire

Prospective customers should initially complete an on-line  “Usage Questionnaire” in order to have a general idea as to where their business requirements position them on the BCS pricing matrix.

2. Test Usage Key Request (TUKR)

If the customer wishes to pursue test usage or purchase of the package, after a “Usage Questionnaire” has been submitted,

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Why is it necessary to use the QuantityWare service portal?

It is defined in QuantityWare usage contracts, that the QuantityWare Service Portal ( is the single channel of communication for all service issues.

Note: QuantityWare internal security policies explicitly forbid QuantityWare staff to send e-mails with attachments to customers or prospective customers.

The QuantityWare Service Portal provides the following advantages:

  • Secure (HTTPS-encrypted) document transfer and communications
  • Monitoring by multiple members of the QuantityWare team
  • Easily accessible history of past queries
  • In-line with good business practices (transparency and accountability)

Contact your organization’s “Cust.

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How do we renew our annual usage agreement?

Other terms: renewal, extension, license.

All agreement correspondence should be conducted via the service portal by opening an “Agreement”-ticket. To open and process such tickets your user must have one (or more) of the following roles:

  • Agreement
  • Management
  • Purchaser

In the ticket header, there is a description as to how to proceed.

The process overview is:

  • Customer confirms / modifies contact details
  • Customer confirms / modifies the current Usage Questionnaire (previously License Questionnaire)
  • Customer defines if:
    • a quote is needed
    • anything has changed since the last invoice from QW,

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Where can I find information about the QuantityWare BCS release (lifecycle) and maintenance strategy?

Detailed Information about the release and maintenance strategy is available in QuantityWare Note 000086 and the FAQ on the next CSP delivery date.

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