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Answers to common questions regarding information on features of the Petroleum and Gas Measurement Cockpit

I want to copy a QuantityWare template conversion group, but it is not available in my development client. How do I proceed?

All QuantityWare BCS template conversion groups are available in one dedicated client (typically 045) in your development system – once your technical team has completed the technical installation and post-installation steps as recommended in the BCS Technical Installation Manual.

If you wish to copy a template conversion group, follow the detailed instructions described in the BCP Test Manual or BCG Test Manual.

Note: QuantityWare strongly recommends that a certified BCP or BCG consultant is employed for such a task –

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I want to run the installation test in client 045, but the installation test button is not available, how can this be?

In your client 045 (development system), you execute the QuantityWare BCS installation test via the Petroleum and/or Gas Measurement Cockpit (PMC / GMC).

In order to do so, two conditions have to be met:

  1. A valid BCP or BCG usage key needs to be installed in your system (see FAQ Usage Key Installation).
  2. The BCP or BCG BC Set has to be activated in client 045.

If these conditions are not met, the “Run Installation Test”

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