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What is the difference between a SAP QCI and an MQCI conversion group?

QuantityWare BCS delivers a configuration template that contains two different types of conversion groups – SAP QCI conversion groups and MQCI conversion groups.

Both types utilize the proven SAP QCI interface to oil & gas business processes and thus integrate seamlessly into all processes.

  • SAP QCI conversion groups are limited in their functional extend and are typically used in legacy environments.
  • MQCI conversion groups offer full functional calculation flexibility – supporting all available measurement standards and should be used in greenfield projects.
  • For BCG LNG and high pressure natural gas implementation projects, one should always consider MQCI conversion groups.
  • For SAP PRA projects, one should always consider SAP QCI conversion groups.

Read the working paper “SAP QCI in a nutshell” for a detailed description.

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