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BCG Hydrogen FAQs

Answers to common questions regarding information on BCG hydrogen support and configuration

Does QuantityWare BCG support hydrogen quantity conversions?

Due to strong industry demand, QuantityWare has defined a development strategy for 100% hydrogen quantity conversions, which is published in note 000106. See the BCS Supported Products Manual for this new product support.

Read the FAQ for natural gas / hydrogen mixtures for support of natural gas – hydrogen mixtures, which are also supported.

The first release of a 100% high pressure hydrogen quantity conversion solution – as part of QuantityWare BCG 3.0 – has been delivered as an Advanced Development (AD) with note 000100 in July 2022,

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How does pricing work for QuantityWare hydrogen quantity conversions?

To support the Energy industries’ extension and transformation, QuantityWare now supports Hydrogen in its BCG product, for which an additional supplement is charged.

The scale of this charge can be found on our Pricing page.

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Does QuantityWare BCG support quantity conversions of natural gas – hydrogen mixtures?

We are processing natural gas with a high hydrogen fraction, but not 100% hydrogen. What conversion groups can we use for such a gas?

As stated in the research paper from the DVGW: “Calculation of Compression Factors and Gas Law Deviation Factors Using the Modified SGERG-Equation SGERG-mod-H2”

“The AGA8 equation and the GERG-2008 equation generally agree better than ± 0.1% for the measured values for all data sets in the entire pressure range. It can thus be expected that these equations of state can be used for any desired H2 fractions without significantly affecting the underlying 0.1% uncertainty of the equations.”

Thus, BCG conversion groups that are configured to utilize AGA8 compression factor calculations may be utilized for natural gas / hydrogen mixtures of any ratio.

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