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Pricing & Usage FAQs

Answers to common questions regarding pricing and usage

What is included in "Annual Usage"?

A valid Usage Agreement provides the following benefits:

  • Access to the QuantityWare service portal, providing:
    • Ticketing system for issue reporting and resolution
    • Self-service usage key generation
      (for every requested SAP System within the scale of the agreement)
    • Portal user management
    • Installation files
    • Maintenance files
    • Agreement data.
  • Maintenance request support (see here for details and priorities).
  • Upgrade rights (i.e. from BCS 30A (NetWeaver) to BCS 30B (S/4)).
  • Access to our “Continuous Improvement” service.

This is a brief high-level overview,

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Can we obtain QuantityWare BCS test usage keys without charge?

Yes! Follow the appropriate path:

  • Prospective customers can first apply for non-obligatory, fully-functional test usage keys for up to two SAP Systems, without charge, which can be requested online via our Service Portal.
    All BCS pricing information for productive usage is openly available in the pricing section of our website.

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What is your value proposition?

From the earliest days, we have made a Value Proposition document available to our customers – it can be found in the Knowledge Base and lists all benefits from the offloading of development cost and maintenance to GRC aspects.

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How is “National / Simple” pricing determined?

Maximum Support – Minimum Hurdle

Sometimes prospective customers ask us why is there such a large “step” in our pricing matrix between the “National / Simple” and “National / Standard” positions. As our prices are openly available on our website,  we have decided to publish this question and its answer in a public text as well.

SAP Oil & Gas customers have always had to use a third party solution for bulk goods quantity conversion calculations.

We have always aimed to serve the entire industry with our solution,

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