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Answers to common questions regarding customer support, lifecycle and maintenance strategy

Where can I find information about the QuantityWare BCS release (lifecycle) and maintenance strategy?

Detailed Information about the release and maintenance strategy is available in QuantityWare Note 000086 and the FAQ on the next CSP delivery date.

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When will the next BCS 3.0 CSP be available?

Starting in 2017, QuantityWare delivers a new BCS 3.0 CSP every second year*.

The 2023 BCS 3.0 CSP ( BCS 30B-02 / BCS 30A-03)  has been released in Q4 2023.

The 2025 BCS 3.0 CSP (BCS 30B-03/ BCS 30A-04)  is scheduled for release in Q4 2025.


  • note 000101 for details on the planned measurement standard updates and additions of the current and next CSP
  • note 000086 for information on the BCS 3.0 support and release lifecycle
  • note 000067 for additional technical installation information

and the FAQ on the general QuantityWare development strategy.

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What support response times (SLA) does QuantityWare offer?

In the Knowledge Base, there is a document titled “Support Service Priority Definition“.

This document described the various levels of ticket priority that can be opened with QuantityWare, the fundamental requirements for such tickets and a detailed definition for the ticket classification “Very High”.


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What is the QuantityWare support procedure concerning new quantity conversion requirements - "Development" tickets ?

New requirements for supported products must be raised via a ticket (category “Development”) in the QuantityWare Support Portal.

QuantityWare experts analyze such new requirements and perform a feasibility appraisal upon which an implementation decision is made. If a new implementation is to be provided, one of the following delivery options will be supported:

  • New implementations are shipped within the next planned CSP. See note 000086 for details concerning the BCS support and release lifecycle.
  • If the new requirement needs to be solved faster, it may be solved either via:

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What is the QuantityWare support procedure concerning "Calculation Issue" tickets?

If you encounter a SAP QCI or MQCI related error message during a BCS implementation project, or if you question a calculation result, you can raise a ticket with the ticket category “Calculation Issue” via the QuantityWare Service Portal.

The QuantityWare support procedure for such tickets is defined in the QuantityWare Remote Support Manual.

Read Note 000052 and the Support Service Priority Definition Manual – page 11 – Calculation Issue – for additional details.

Note 000073 provides all information concerning the automated test scenarios,

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What is the QuantityWare support procedure concerning "General / Software" tickets?

Via tickets with the category “General / Software” customers and consultants may raise questions concerning features and functions of QuantityWare BCS or other related software products.  The support staff will answer such inquiries by pointing out the relevant information sources on our website or support portal.

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What are the reasons and benefits for the engagement of a QuantityWare Certified Consultant?

QuantityWare has defined itself to be a software company, for this reason we offer no direct consulting services; however we are aware that the area of quantity conversions, when using SAP Oil, Gas, and Energy (SAP OG&E) bulk materials, is fundamental, complex and often subject to business-specific requirements.

For this reason we work with QuantityWare Certified Consultants (QWCCs) – a list of which is provided on our website here. The QWCC training is open to all suitably qualified and experienced personnel, thus customers also have the option to send their own staff for certification.

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How do we assign a QuantityWare Certified Consultant to our QuantityWare service portal presence?

All QuantityWare Certified Consultants (QWCCs) have a QuantityWare service portal user. If assignment is required, a customer user with either the portal “Manager” or “Cust. Admin.” role (the two roles that allow customer user maintenance within the portal) should open a “Portal Issue” ticket requesting the assignment of the QWCC to the customer.

Once QuantityWare portal administrators have confirmed this assignation with the QWCC concerned, the QWCC will be assigned as requested.

This will allow the consultant to rise / view / edit the following customer ticket types:

  • Calculation Issue
  • Development
  • General Software
  • General Non-Software
  • Installation / Technical
  • Portal Issue
  • Security

After the QWCC has ceased to work with the customer,

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I need to raise a ticket to QuantityWare support. How do I decide on the priority of my ticket?

What are the QuantityWare work days and public holidays?

Work Days

QuantityWare work days are defined as:

Monday to Friday 08:00 – 18:00 CET, excluding public holidays.

Public Holidays

QuantityWare is based in Baden Württemberg, Germany. Therefore, the public holidays for this region apply:

2024 Public Holidays

1 Jan Mon New Year’s Day

6 Jan Sat Epiphany

29 Mar Fri Good Friday

1 Apr Mon Easter Monday

1 May Wed Labour Day

9 May Thu Ascension Day

20 May Mon Whit Monday

30 May Thu Corpus Christi

3 Oct Thu Day of German Unity

1 Nov Fri All Saints’

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