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What is the QuantityWare support procedure concerning new quantity conversion requirements for BCS raised by customers?

QuantityWare has a clear continuous improvement strategy. Core of this strategy is the BCS Supported Products Manual which defines all oil & gas products for which QuantityWare already offers or plans to offer implementations of quantity conversion standards, depending on the availability of national/international measurement standards and customer requirements. For a detailed list of standards supported with BCS, please refer to the document “Supported Standards Manual” for each specific BCS product and release level:

Note: For currently listed (supported) standards,

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What are the reasons and benefits for the engagement of a QuantityWare Certified Consultant?

QuantityWare has defined itself to be a software company, for this reason we offer no direct consulting services; however we are aware that the area of quantity conversions, when using SAP Oil & Gas bulk materials, is fundamental, complex and often subject to business-specific requirements.

For this reason we work with QuantityWare Certified Consultants (QWCCs) – a list of which is provided on our website here. The QWCC training is open to all suitably qualified and experienced personnel, thus customers have the option to send their own staff for certification.

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How do we assign a QuantityWare Certified Consultant to our QuantityWare service portal presence?

All QuantityWare Certified Consultants (QWCCs) have a QuantityWare service portal user. If assignment is required, a customer user with either the portal “Manager” or “Cust. Admin.” role (the two roles that allow customer user maintenance within the portal) should open a “Portal Issue” ticket requesting the assignment of the QWCC to the customer.

Once QuantityWare portal administrators have confirmed this assignation with the QWCC concerned, the QWCC will be assigned as requested.

This will allow the consultant to rise / view / edit the following customer ticket types:

  • Calculation Issue
  • Development
  • General Software
  • General Non-Software
  • Installation / Technical
  • Portal Issue
  • Security

After the QWCC has ceased to work with the customer,

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I need to raise a ticket to QuantityWare support. How do I decide on the priority of my ticket?

Read the support service priority documentation, which is available in our Knowledge Base.

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Where can I find information about the QuantityWare BCS release (lifecycle) and maintenance strategy?

Detailed Information about the release and maintenance strategy is available in QuantityWare Note 000086.

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What are the QuantityWare work days and public holidays?

QuantityWare work days are defined as:

Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

QuantityWare is based in Baden Württemberg, Germany. Therefore, the public holidays for this region apply:

2021 Public Holidays

1 Jan Fri New Year’s Day

6 Jan Wed Epiphany

2 Apr Fri Good Friday

5 Apr Mon Easter Monday

1 May Sat Labour Day

13 May Thu Ascension Day

24 May Mon Whit Monday

3 Jun Thu Corpus Christi

3 Oct Sun Day of German Unity

1 Nov Mon All Saints’

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