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Answers to common questions regarding Information on how BCS integrates into SAP Oil & Gas – greenfield and brownfield implementations

Why do we need measurement standards-based QCI calculations within the SAP Oil & Gas system?

SAP Oil & Gas comes with an open interface – the Quantity Conversion Interface (QCI).

SAP Oil & Gas does not deliver any validated, measurement standards-based quantity conversion solution for the QCI.  Because of the complexity and risk, this has always been a customer task.

Business processes require thousands of quantity calculations per day.

For a multitude of units of measure (UoM) of various SAP dimensions – gross & net standard masses, gross & net standard weights, gross standard & observed volumes, net standard & observed volumes, energies etc. such calculations are performed.

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We want to install QuantityWare BCS 3.0 into our productive system landscape and replace/extend existing legacy QCI calculations. Is this possible?

Yes. QuantityWare has spent a considerable amount of time, effort and money to ensure that a move from legacy quantity conversion calculations methods using the SAP QCI to QW BCS using the QCI and MQCI is safe and transparent. You may also install QW BCS and continue usage of your existing legacy calculations.

Read the FAQ  “How do I convert SAP legacy conversion groups from C to ABAP” for additional information.

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We have obtained a 4 week test license. How can we get the most out of it?

In order to get a good overview on the BCP and BCG capabilities, you should involve a certified BCS consultant as early as possible in the project.

In order to enable a quick and efficient project start, QuantityWare provides the BCP Test Manual and the BCG Test Manual.

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How does QuantityWare BCS integrate into SAP PRA?

QuantityWare BCS seamlessly plugs into SAP PRA via the SAP QCI conversion groups.

However, a PRA Measurement System Expert is recommended to be available for your BCS implementation in addition to a certified BCS consultant.

The working paper QuantityWare PRA Measurement System provides detailed guidance how to proceed within such a project.

Concerning natural gas, read notes 000059 and 000063 for important details.

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I want to create a TSW nomination with a gross volume UoM and receive an error. What can I do?

QuantityWare delivers new gross mass (GSM), gross volume (GSV/GOV) and gross weight (GSW) UoM (and Volume UoM for LNG – Liquid). These are linked to new SAP dimension IDs – DIMIDs. Quantity values with UoM belonging to such new dimensions are valid Nomination scheduling quantity values. However, TSW Nomination carries out a standard UoM validation check which allows SAP DIMID MASS or VOLUME only.

You can disable this check (or write a custom code check): To disable the check:

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How do I convert SAP legacy conversion groups from C to ABAP?

The conversion of SAP legacy conversion groups from C to ABAP is supported with an easy-to-use conversion tool, which is available in the Petroleum Measurement Cockpit:

In the QuantityWare Knowledge base, a detailed project guideline manual for a C to ABAP conversion project is available.

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