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BCS Supported Products FAQs

Answers to common questions regarding information on specific bulk products supported by BCS

What products are covered by QuantityWare BCS?

QuantityWare BCS covers crude oil, natural gas and related products. The Supported Products Manual provides detailed information which products are supported.

The Supported Standards Manual for BCP and BCG then contains detailed support information for each single product group (e.g. LPG, Gasoline, Asphalt, LNG etc.) with respect to the relevant measurement standards.


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Does QuantityWare BCG support hydrogen quantity conversions?

Due to strong industry demand, QuantityWare has defined a development strategy for 100% hydrogen quantity conversions, which is published in note 000106. See the BCS Supported Products Manual for this new product support.

Read the FAQ for natural gas / hydrogen mixtures for support of natural gas – hydrogen mixtures, which are also supported.

The first release of a 100% high pressure hydrogen quantity conversion solution – as part of QuantityWare BCG 3.0 – has been delivered as an Advanced Development (AD) with note 000100 in July 2022,

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Does QuantityWare BCG support quantity conversions of natural gas – hydrogen mixtures?

Does QuantityWare BCG support industrial gases like nitrogen, oxygen, argon, helium and so on?

QuantityWare BCG supports dry natural gases (high and low pressure processing), LNG and NGL  – and many industrial gases as well.

Note: You have to implement note 000116 (released in April 2024) to utilize BCG conversion groups for non-combustible industrial gases.

  • As stated in AGA report No. 8 Part 1 (2017) the implementations “can be used for calculations of compressibility factors and densities for pure methane, ethane, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, hydrogen, and hydrogen sulfide, and for gas mixtures”; thus,

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How does QuantityWare pricing work for hydrogen and other industrial gases?

To support the Energy industries’ extension and transformation, QuantityWare now supports hydrogen and other industrial gases in its BCG product, for which an additional supplement is charged.

The scale of this charge can be found on our pricing page. Read the Pricing FAQ concerning the price change happening in 2025.

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Does QuantityWare BCS support LPG and NGL?

Read the LPG and NGL FAQ for additional details.


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Does QuantityWare BCP support anhydrous ammonia quantity conversions?

Anhydrous ammonia is an important base chemical. It is globally utilized for fertilizer production; also, it’s capability for LHC (Liquid Hydrogen Carrier) usage is widely discussed – see note 000106 for details.

A national standard document from Measurement Canada, based on experimental data, is available for the liquid phase anhydrous ammonia product. The experimental data is defined in “The Thermodynamic Properties of Ammonia, by L. Haar and S.J. Gallagher, Journal of Physics Chemistry Ref. Data, Volume 7, No. 3, 1978.”

In a Consulting Document (PDF),

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Does QuantityWare BCP support ethanol and ethanol/gasoline blends?

Ethanol is globally utilized as an important feedstock and in gasoline blends (e.g. E5, E7 , E10 blends).

Pure ethanol – 95% ethanol and higher:

  1. Ethanol conversions are supported with Brazilian standard ABNT NBR 5992-80, ABNT NBR 5992-08 and ABNT NBR 5992-16. This standard is implemented for all versions in BCP 3.0. This standard calculates volumes (at the base temperature of 20 °C and various alternate temperature bases) and masses and weights (total product and alcohol portion) based on the input values (mass ratio and observed volume or test density) for a temperature range of 10 °C to 40 °C.

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Does QuantityWare BCG support natural gas quantity conversions for wet gases?

QuantityWare BCG supports quantity conversions for dry natural gases and LNG, as well as NGL quantity conversions.

To a limited extend, wet energy transaction quantity value and test heating value entry are supported. Read QuantityWare Note 000059 for all details.

For simple wet energy and wet heating value calculations, as defined for SAP PRA wet gas calculations, a remote consulting document, which includes ABAP function module examples for customer specific wet gas calculations – as part of a Generic Customer Development (GCD),

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Does QuantityWare BCS cover ethylene quantity conversions?

Ethylene quantity conversions are not supported with BCS 3.0.

QuantityWare has analyzed API MPMS – Ethylene Density and the referenced IUPAC-88 ethylene EOS paper (Thermodynamic Properties of Ethylene from Freezing Line to 450 K at Pressures to 20 MPA – M. Jahangiri et al.) and could not identify an implementation guideline for software developments therein. See BCP Supported Standards Ethylene Section.

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