The Model-based Quantity Conversion Interface (MQCI) is seamlessly integrated into the SAP QCI and can be either utilized in parallel with the proven SAP QCI conversion logic in any SAP Oil & Gas system, or as the single quantity conversion model solution within your SAP Oil & Gas system.

Quantity conversion calculations between quantity values can be performed in several ways (models), which are comprised of distinct “calculation steps”.

A sequence of calculation steps, which typically include calculation procedures of measurement related parameters, the conversion of distinct kinds of quantity values of different quantities (“dimensions” in SAP terminology), as well as rounding procedures, is the basic definition of the quantity conversion model.

Different conversion models are defined in national and international measurement standards and are in use within the Oil & Gas and Chemical industries.

QuantityWare has thus developed a Model-based QCI (MQCI), which enables implementations of any possible quantity conversion model, for any given quantity (net and gross standard weight, net and gross standard mass, net and gross (standard and observed) volume, energy, liquid volume (LNG), energy etc.).

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