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When will the next BCS 3.0 CSP be available?

Since 2017, QuantityWare delivers a new BCS 3.0 CSP every second year.
The planned shipment time frame of the next BCS 3.0 CSP – BCS 30B-02 / BCS 30A-03  is Q4 2023.


  • note 000101 about details on the planned content of this CSP
  • note 000086 about the BCS 3.0 support and release lifecycle
  • note 000067 for additional technical installation information

and the FAQ on the general QuantityWare development strategy.

The release notes for the already delivered BCS CSPs (from BCS 1.0B onward) can be found in our Knowledge Base. The release notes for BCS 30B-02 / BCS 30A-03 have been published in Q2 2023.

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