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What is the QuantityWare support procedure concerning new quantity conversion requirements for BCS raised by customers?

QuantityWare has a clear continuous improvement strategy. Core of this strategy is the BCS Supported Products Manual which defines all oil & gas products for which QuantityWare already offers or plans to offer implementations of quantity conversion standards, depending on the availability of national/international measurement standards and customer requirements. For a detailed list of standards supported with BCS, please refer to the document “Supported Standards Manual” for each specific BCS product and release level:

Note: For currently listed (supported) standards, QuantityWare regularly checks for new standard versions. As a part of the continuous improvement strategy, standard updates are usually provided within the next planned CSP.

New requirements for supported products must be raised via a ticket (category “Development”) in the QuantityWare Support Portal. QuantityWare experts then analyze the requirement and perform a feasibility appraisal upon which an implementation decision is made. If a new implementation is to be provided, one of the following delivery options will be supported:

  • New implementations are shipped within the next planned CSP. See note 000086 for details concerning the BCS support and release lifecycle.
  • If the new requirement needs to be solved faster, it may be solved either via:
    • Advanced Development (AD) – also possible for new standard version support – or,
    • Generic Customer Development (GCD). Read note 000099 for details concerning AD and GCD developments.

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