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14 Jun 2017 Price model changes

As of 01.10.2017 (First of October, 2017) QuantityWare will discontinue its “10 Year License Agreement with separate Maintenance Agreement” model. All customers who have purchased such a model will have the contract honoured until its agreed termination date.
From 01.10.2017 onwards, only the “Annual Usage” model will be offered. QuantityWare will provide multiple year-periods of usage in an Agreement if so wished by the customer.

30 May 2017 “BCS 3.0 Certification Successful”

The QuantityWare Bulk Calculations Solution has successfully completed its certification as the only “SAP® Certified – Integration with SAP® S/4HANA” quantity conversion and governance solution available for the SAP Oil & Gas solution. (To certificate.)

26 May 2017 Major Standards Update: ISO 91:2017 published

This new measurement standard release represents a major achievement in international standardization and harmonization of petroleum measurement standards for the global oil industries. QuantityWare BCP 3.0 contains 82 ISO:2017 compliant template conversion groups. Read our Consulting Paper for further details (to document).

12 May 2017 Standards Update: ASTM D1555 and ASTM D1555M

Standards ASTM D1555 and ASTM D1555M – Standard Test Method for Calculation of Volume and Weight of Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Cyclohexane (Metric) – have been revised and issued as new 2016 versions. QuantityWare has carefully analyzed these new versions. Since both ASTM D1555-16 and ASTM D1555M-16 require usage of the volume correction factor without rounding in calculations, new implementations are required to cover this new definition. The new implementations will be made available as advanced development within a note in Q4 2017, combined with an instruction guide how to migrate existing ASTM D1555 conversion groups to this new methodology. Template extensions will be shipped with the next BCS 3.0 CSP.

03 Apr 2017 BCS 3.0 CSP01 Released

With support for new standards and revised versions, usability and minor corrections, this CSP also contains the first standard implementation of API MPMS Ch.12, S&W Corrections – GSM/GSW and NSM/NSW – parallel calculations for SAP Oil & Gas systems. See the release Notes for further details (to Document).

25 Jan 2017 Standards Update: ISO 6976

The third edition of the standard “ISO 6976 Natural gas – Calculation of calorific values, density, relative density and Wobbe indices from composition” was issued in 2016. Through technical revision, it cancels and replaces the second edition from 1995. As stated in the third editions’ introduction, adoption of the revisions detailed in this standard will not be without cost, as instrumental (and ERP business) software will need updating. QuantityWare has carefully analyzed this third edition. The major technical changes are:
1) New method to calculate ideal and real molar-based calorific value and thus subsequent calorific values (mass and volume based)
2) Introduction of net Wobbe index
3) New component data (n-dodecane, n-tridecane, n-tetradecane, n-pentadecane)
4) Completely updated physical property data and auxiliary constants
5) Harmonization with GPA 2172 and related U.S. customary based standards – Provision of different reference pressures in all formulas of ISO 6976
QuantityWare will provide new implementations and integration configuration options for ISO 6976(2016) with BCS 3.0 CSP02, which is currently planned for release in Q1 2019.

27 Dec 2016 BCS 3.0 CSP01 Release Notes

Technical consolidation of BCS Release 3.0 CSP01 will start on 03.01.2017, the target release date is 31.03.2017. The appropriate Release Notes for BCS 3.0 CSP01 have just been published, describing the final delivery content which will be shipped (to Document).

23 Oct 2016 BCS 3.0 Certification Successful

The QuantityWare Bulk Calculations Solution has just successfully completed its certification as the only “SAP® Certified – Powered by SAP NetWeaver®” quantity conversion and governance solution available for the SAP Oil & Gas solution. (To certificate.)

21 Oct 2016 Standards Update: API MPMS Chapter 11.3.3

“API MPMS Chapter 11.3.3 – “Miscellaneous Hydrocarbon Product Properties – Denatured Ethanol Density and Volume Correction Factors” has been issued as a second edition in November 2015. QuantityWare has analyzed this new version and confirms that BCP implementations of API MPMS Chapter 11.3.3 comply with this latest version. With BCS 3.0 CSP01, four new API MPMS 11.3.3 template conversion groups will be delivered”

11 Oct 2016 BCS 3.0 Released

Support release 3.0 of our solution BCS on ERP 6.0 is now available.
All customers with valid maintenance agreements have access to this release as a part of their maintenance service.
The single 3.0 ECC600 technical delivery can be used as an initial install, or be installed “on top” of an existing 10A or 10B system with very little effort (see the BCS 3.0 Release Notes for details).