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Biofuels Standards Update

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The standardization of biofuels temperature correction procedures is currently an industry “hot Topic”. Various national regulations are already in place, e.g. in the U.S.A. where the regulations have been defined by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) (see RFS-Finalrule.pdf) while discussion within varying industry partners continues – (see Discussion example). Other countries are still working on updated or new standards for biofuel.

With QuantityWare BCP, you can define quantity conversions for your biofuel products based on all currently available standards, allowing you to keep track of all relevant quantities in parallel, in several units of measure. Temperature correction calculations can be defined to aid the dedicated reporting units of measure based on a government regulatory formula or industry standard formula, in parallel.

QuantityWare also offers expert consulting for BCP customers requiring legally compliant quantity conversions for their biofuel products.