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Maintenance Update

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Support package 07 released for BCP 10A on ERP 6.0/ SAP R/3 Enterprise 47×200. This package contains:

  • New U.S. customary units model functions for the new QuantityWare MQCI. These model functions provide accurate non-metric quantity conversions using U.S. customary units instead of SI units.
  • New vapor-to-liquid model functions, which enable vapor space calculations taking into account tank space volume which is occupied by high vapor pressure products as vapor.
  • A full implementation of ASTM D 1550-04(2005) “ASTM Butadiene Measurement Tables”. This implementation includes a “soft” conversion logic for metric (15 °C and 20 °C) base conditions.
  • A new powerful test program /QTYW/IMPLEMENTATION_TEST, which automates installation tests by providing a single, central testing control report.
  • New logic for all MQCI conversion groups allowing the display of volume correction factors (observed to base condition) and densities in air for operators and inspectors. This possibility ensures absolute transparency of the calculation to controlling instances.
  • New customizing possibilities to ensure that productive systems can be easily migrated to the MQCI weight in air /mass calculations.