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Maintenance Update

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Support package 08 for BCP 10A on ERP 6.0/ SAP R/3 Enterprise 47×200 scheduled on time for release on 16.06.2008. This package contains:

  • The first release of QuantityWare’s Petroleum Measurement Cockpit. This transaction provides many required test, configuration and monitoring capabilities for measurement experts and technical consultants, allowing the design, control and maintenance of all quantity conversion tools and configurations within your SAP Oil & Gas system. In addition, a print engine is provided for measurement standard results allowing the support of custody transfer procedures with inspector involvement.
  • Full support of ASTM Table 1 – conversion factors (volumes and weights) for all MQCI conversion groups
  • A full implementation of ASTM D1250-52 Tables 6 and 11 based on the historical printed edition
  • New logic for MQCI conversion groups to support rounding of all intermediate calculation results
  • Range extensions of the ASTM D1250-04 implementation for extreme climatic conditions and specialized product groups (high density – low temperature ranges)