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Standards Update: ABNT NBR 5992

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ABNT NBR 5992 has been revised and published in November 2016 as ABNT NBR 5992 (2016). QuantityWare has carefully analyzed this latest version. The basic formulas for calculation of the alcohol densities and mass proportions did not change when compared with the 2008 version; however, the definition of the volume correction factor (VCF) changed between the 2008 and 2016 version. The 2008 version requires the multiplication of the densities related VCF with the expansion coefficient of stainless steel (0.000036 / °C). The 2016 version does not contain this storage device correction any longer. Thus, a new MQCI implementation of ABNT NBR 5992 (2016) will be delivered by QuantityWare as an Advanced Development (AD) in Q3 2022.