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Standards Update: ASTM D1250

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ASTM D1250 has been issued as a new version with the designation ASTM D1250-19. This version is necessary due to the publication of API MPMS Chapter 11.1 Addendum 2 (May 2019 – see news item). 10 changes are listed in Addendum 2 which are classified as “minor” modifications in ASTM D1250-19. One of these “minor” modifications requires that final densities and volumes should be calculated with non-rounded volume correction factors (CTL, CPL and CTPL). This modification affects calculation results of the current implementation and thus requires an advanced development such that the calculation models assigned to API MPMS Chapter 11.1 can be configured (via a switch in the conversion group settings) to apply non-rounded volume correction factors. This advanced development will be shipped via a QuantityWare note in Q2 2020.