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Standards Update: ASTM D1555M-08 and ASTM D1555-09

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ASTM D1555M-04 and ASTM D1555-04 “Standard Test Method for the Calculation of Volume and Weight of Industrial Aromatic Hydrocarbons and Cyclohexane” have been revised and replaced by ASTM D1555M-08 and ASTM D1555-09 respectively.
QuantityWare has carefully analyzed both new versions. BCP 10A and BCP 10B implementations of ASTM D1555-04 and ASTM D1555M-04 comply with ASTM D1555M-08 and ASTM D1555-09 (minor changes for p-Xylene density values can be corrected via customizing).
However with ASTM D1555M-08, 20 °C base temperature calculation procedures are possible for the first time. Component Support Package 01 for BCP 10B will contain a new implementation and new template conversion groups for 20 °C ASTM D1555M-08 calculations.