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Usage License Purchase via SAPStore

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It is now possible to purchase QuantityWare Annual Usage Agreements via the SAPStore.

Simply call and enter “QuantityWare” in the search field – you will then land in our SAPStore presence.

SAPStore Euro prices are 15% higher than standard QuantityWare pricing, however customers and prospective customers still have the ability to purchase from QuantityWare, directly.

Although slightly more expensive, the SAPStore purchase option can provide major customer benefits, e.g:

  • Customers can purchase our solution along with SAP software on a single SAP Bill of Materials,
  • Public sector customers often have complex supplier rulings – purchasing via SAPStore may simplify, or make a purchase process possible.

All standard QuantityWare Terms and Conditions apply – there are no purchasing “channel” differences in the extent or quality of solution and service.

We are glad to be able to provide an additional, flexible purchasing method for our customers and prospective customers leveraging SAP Partner standard offerings.