Questions & Answers:
  1. Do I need special C++ knowledge to install Bulk Calculations (BC) software from QuantityWare?
    No you do not need special C++ knowledge to install Bulk Calculations (BC) software from QuantityWare – all QuantityWare products are developed within the Sap Netweaver ABAP framework.
  2. We use external “C” routines for our calculations – how do we “switch” to using QuantityWare? How much effort is involved?
    The calculations method used is controlled by customising settings. Install the QuantityWare BCP package – it contains tools (fully documented online) in the Petroleum Measurement Cockpit which allow you to record your current customising settings and then switch from “C”(API/Flowcal) to “ABAP”(QuantityWare). If required, you can switch back again. All changes are made with an “undo” function and are recorded in customising requests to optimise distribution through an SAP system landscape. (see document)
  3. Can I de-install QuantityWare Bulk Calculations (BC) software once installed within my SAP Oil&Gas system?
    Yes, you can de-install QuantityWare Bulk Calculations (BC) software at any time from your SAP Oil&Gas system. However, once used in production, legal audit requirements may require that you keep QuantityWare Bulk Calculations (BC) software in your production system.
  4. Does the Bulk Calculations (BC) software from QuantityWare modify my SAP Oil&Gas system?
    No, the Bulk Calculations (BC) software from QuantityWare does not modify your SAP Oil&Gas system.
  5. How can I test the functional correctness of my Bulk Calculations (BC) software package?
    You can test the functional correctness of all Bulk Calculations (BC) software packages delivered by QuantityWare using QuantityWare Test Tools that are delivered with the packages.
  6. Must we convert all quantity conversion calculations to use QuantityWare?
    No. E.g. you can retain your current gasoline product calculation with “C”, but convert existing, or add new, LPG calculations using QuantityWare. As QuantityWare offers the best quality, functionality, security, reliability and transparency for your calculation needs, we of course recommend that you use the solution for all your requirements. See Question and answer 2 for details regarding usage conversion.
  7. What happens with my Bulk Calculations (BC) software package from QuantityWare after I upgrade my SAP Oil&Gas system?
    An upgrade does not affect the stability of your Bulk Calculations (BC) software package from QuantityWare, neither does your Bulk Calculations (BC) software package from QuantityWare affect your newly upgraded SAP Oil&Gas system.
  8. What differences can I expect when changing from ASTM D 1250-XX to ASTM D 1250-YY?
    A comprehensive overview is provided in the document “Comparison of ASTM D1250 Standard Implementations”. (to Document)
  9. Where can I purchase the printed or electronic document versions of the standards which my organization requires?
    See QuantityWare Note 000008. (to Document)
  10. As a measurement specialist, how can your solution help me in my day-to-day work?
    The Petroleum Measurement Cockpit (to Document) for BCP or the Gas Measurement Cockpit (to Document) for BCG provide “single points of entry” for measurement specialists who need to design, monitor and enhance measurement standards based quantity conversions for all logistics processes.
  11. Does it matter if I have a 32- or 64-bit hardware platform / operating system? If I upgrade from a 32-bit platform or operating system to a 64-bit platform or operating system are there any issues?
    The BCP and BCG solutions run as ABAP implementations and therefore use the SAP Kernel. For this reason, they are operating system / hardware architecture independent. As long as your basic operating system and hardware architecture has been released by SAP for usage with the ERP / IS-Oil&Gas solution, we expect no issues.
  12. How does QuantityWare pricing work?
    QuantityWare has replaced the “BOEPD”-based licenses with a simpler and more industry-relevant license model. The price of our software is linked directly to the return and utility that a customer can expect from its usage.
    We offer 2 types of license:
    10-year licenses for our BCP and BCG products. Maintenance is charged annually at 15% of the license purchase price.
    1-year “SaaS” license for our BCP and BCG products allowing usage, including full maintenance. The License fee can be guaranteed for a period of years via an additional agreement.
    See the news item and link to documentation containing all details.
    Archived FAQ here.