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Provision of Extended LPG Measurement

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The GPA TP-25 (LPG) was developed to support calculations from a basis of 60 degree Fahrenheit. Using tables 23E and 24E and following the logic of ASTM D 1250-04, procedure, QuantityWare has developed an enhancement to allow reliable usage of these tables for base temperatures of 15 and 20 degree Celsius. For more information, please send a mail to

Maintenance Update

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Release of SP2 for BCP 10A using SAP ERP2005. The package contains full support for ASTM D-1250-80, the official release of ABNT NBR5992 and small enhancements to the TP-25 solution. The package is available for all customers with valid maintenance agreements, on request.

BCP 10A Production Completed

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After the successful completion of multiple tests, the production of our BCP 10A SAINT installation package has been finished. This package will be submitted to the ICC Department at SAP for certification on SAP R/3 Enterprise 47×200.