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BCG/BCP Condensate Calculations – Pricing

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It is recommended by the American Petroleum Institute (API) (Section “Natural and Drip Gasolines” on page 7 in BCP Supported Standards) to calculate Condensate with the main oil CTPL standard API MPMS Chapter 11.1 (1980/2004) – ASTM D1250-xx(yy) (current version 08(13)). This major oil CTPL standard is supplied in our BCP product, but not in BCG.
To support the industries’ need to perform extensive calculations for a fair price, we have introduced special pricing for the additional purchase of a BCP license to compliment a BCG license exclusively for the calculation of Condensate. BCG Customers receive a 30% discount on the appropriate BCP license as a second product (valid for all customers) and specifically for the exclusive use of condensate calculations, we offer a further 50% discount on that BCP price.
Support for this complexity in the licensing questionnaire will be added as soon as possible.