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Maintenance Update

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Support package 09 for BCP 10A on ERP 6.0/ SAP R/3 Enterprise 47×200 is scheduled for release on 17.11.2008. This package contains:

  • Full MQCI support of all BCP 10A measurement standard implementations including new MQCI conversion groups & reading groups for Asphalt, LPG, Road Tar, Aromatics, Biodiesel and Ethanol.
  • Batch Input support for all BCP 10A conversion Groups – easy migration of existing ERP legacy applications still based on classic batch input processing is now possible.
  • Density range extensions of the ASTM D1250-04 implementation for high density applications (heavy crude oil) which can be activated separately for each conversion group.
  • Extensions within the Petroleum Measurement Cockpit:
    • additional printing possibilities
    • additional test reports for the new MQCI conversion groups
    • additional support for customer specific implementations