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Maintenance Update

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Support package 01 for BCG 10A on ERP 6.0 is scheduled for release on 01.12.2008. This package contains:

  • The first release of the Gas Measurement Cockpit, which provides a single access point for gas measurement specialists who need to design, test and monitor LNG and natural gas quantity conversion processes for all logistics transactions.
  • Full MQCI support of all BCG 10A measurement standard implementations including new MQCI conversion groups & reading groups for LNG, high and low pressure natural gas and NGL. The MQCI support for natural gas quantity conversions allows configuration for compliance with AGA Report No. 7 calculation procedures (reporting and utilization of separate temperature, pressure and compression multipliers, calculation of atmospheric pressure from altitude).
  • New customizing options for physical property data and ISO standard values (LNG density calculation and natural gas property calculation & conversions) – enabling the extraction of data specified in your long term gas contracts, as well as the flexible mapping of such data.