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Standards Update: ISO 6578

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ISO 6578 has been published as second edition in October 2017. It cancels and replaces the first edition (ISO 6578:1991). QuantityWare has carefully analyzed this new edition and confirms that existing BCS 3.0 implementations are technically compliant with the second edition.
Physical property data for LNG and LPG calculations have been updated with newly available figures. LPG calculation methods have also been reorganized and equation numbers changed. Thus, with BCS 3.0 CSP02 – planned delivery Q1 2019 – new additional physical property data sets and model constant sets with new ISO 6578:2017 LPG and NGL template conversion groups will be delivered. In February 2018, detailed guidance for customers requiring earlier configuration support will be available with note 000076. This note will also deliver non-critical documentation adjustments for ISO 6578:2017 configurations.