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Standards Update: AGA Report No. 8

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AGA Report No. 8: “Thermodynamic Properties of Natural Gas and Related Gases – DETAIL and GROSS Equations of State” has been issued as third Edition in April 2017 and revises AGA Report No. 8, second edition, 1994. QuantityWare has performed a detailed analysis of this revised version. As stated in this revision, the same equations of state as in the 1994 edition are applied in this third edition; property limits have been modified, thus calculated properties should have the same values as in the 1994 edition. In addition, QuantityWare will perform comparison calculations – as encouraged in this third edition – of property values obtained with QuantityWare BCG and the third edition Annex B data, which will then be included into the relevant installation test reports for shipment with BCS 3.0 CSP02, which is currently planned for release in Q1 2019.