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The Next Generation. . . DIN 51650

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Quantity conversions of bulk products have to be based on national/international standards, which include an exact conversion model defining the sequence of all calculation steps. DIN 51650 describes one of many possible conversion models, which deviates from the standard SAP QCI conversion model.
Within the next BCP SP (SP6, planned delivery Q1 2008), QuantityWare will deliver a new flexible model-based QCI (MQCI), which can be utilized by all BCP customers to perform all defined model based quantity conversion, in parallel to the SAP QCI conversion model.
Owing to a German legal requirement, the first general solution to be delivered will be a conversion model based upon DIN 51650, with an application for products defined in DIN 51757 (“Y tables”). With subsequent SPs, QuantityWare will deliver additional model solutions, based on customer requests.
Implementations for ASTM D 1550 (Butadiene) and ASTM D 2962 (Coal-Tar Pitches) are also planned for delivery with SP6.