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Agreement Manager Overview

The Agreement Manager provides certain members of your organisation with full details of the agreement / contract QuantityWare has with your organisation. You can use it to download a copy of your contract* and your Proof of Entitlement document*.

Accessing the Agreement Manager

You can access the Agreement Manager as follows:

  • Click “Customer” in the navigation menu
  • Select “Agreement Manager”

The screen is split into two tabs:

  • Overview – View a summary of the current, previous and upcoming years of the agreements / contracts you have with QuantityWare, including the status, start/expiries, and software and its scale / complexity.
  • Agreements – View details of each of the agreements / contracts you have with QuantityWare, including the status of any invoices
  • Questionnaires – View your current, and any previous, Usage Questionnaires submitted to QuantityWare for your organisation
  • Documents – Download copies of your contract and Proofs of Entitlement, as available*

* These will be added to the Portal by the QuantityWare team during 2024. If you require a copy of your current contract, or Proof of Entitlement, and these are not yet available on the Agreement Manager, please raise an Agreement ticket to request the required document is added.

Modifying Agreement

As QuantityWare manage the agreement / contract details within the Portal, this screen is read-only. If you wish to discuss your agreement with the QuantityWare team, please raise a ticket in the SupportCentre, with the category “Agreement”, detailing your inquiry.

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