My Profile Overview

My Profile is the hub of your personal information within the QuantityWare Portal. It provides you with an overview of the information we hold on you alongside your system settings and allows you to modify all of these.

Accessing My Profile

You can access the Customer Profile as follows:

  • Click your name in the navigation menu (to the top right)
  • Select “My Profile”

The screen is split into various tabs:

  • My Portal Details – View and edit your name contact details, and change your Portal username and password
  • My Roles – View a list of all roles you have across all organisations

Edit Your Details

To edit your details, follow these steps:

  • Edit your login details if required

Email Validity

  • Your new username must be a valid email address that you have access to.
  • Changing it otherwise will prevent you from using the portal after logging off.

  • Edit your contact details if required
  • Click “Save Changes” in the Action Bar

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