Roles Overview

To ensure the appropriate separation of duties within your organisation, every portal user (“Contact”) can be assigned one or more “Roles” within the portal. The “Role” defines the permissions that a Contact is granted to perform tasks and controls the information to which that Contact has access.

Roles permit access to specific areas of the Portal, and grant access to specific functionality across the Portal (e.g. adding / editing system records).

For separation of duties reasons, no Role grants access to all Portal functionality:

  • If the Role(s) assigned to your Contact do not allow access to particular area of the Portal, you won’t see that area in the navigation menu.
  • If the Role(s) assigned to your Contact only grant “view” access to an area of the Portal, you’ll see a notice stating this and listing those team members in your organisation with “edit” access.


Roles are designed to reflect the responsibilities within your organisation.

The following list shows which Role is suitable for which responsibility:

  • Application: Configuration, customising and QA of the quantity conversions. Create Calculation issue tickets.
  • Agreement: Negotiate and possibly sign legal agreements such as NDAs and usage agreements.
  • Financial: Payment issues (reception and processing of invoices).
  • Management: Overall responsibility for the usage of the BCS within a customer organisation. Agreement signature. Has full user maintenance permissions.
  • Cust. Admin.: Usually an additional role – grants full user maintenance permissions, without the Management role.
  • Purchaser: If required for “division of duties” between Agreement, Financial and / or Management roles.
  • Security: Security-related issues to quantity conversions and their usage (usually within SAP systems)
  • Technical: “Basis” – technical installation, upgrade or application of fixes requested by Application users. Registration of Systems and request of licenses.

You may grant more than one role to any Contact, if required, and you may also grant a Role to any number of Contacts.

A full list of available Roles and the list of permissions each Role grants is shown in the Roles & Permissions Matrix below.

Assigning Roles

Every Contact registered on the portal is based upon the information provided in the “Test License Request Form” (TLRF), submitted by the customer. If you are reading this documentation before having submitted your TLRF, see the TLRF section for specific information.

Based upon TLRF information, at least three Contacts with specific roles are defined for each customer.

After initial customer creation, Contacts and their roles can be maintained by those Contacts with the “Management” and “Cust. Admin” roles via the Contacts Manager (see Contacts Manager).

A Contact may have more than one role. Likewise, a role may be granted to more than one Contact. We welcome customers defining more Contacts with specific Roles – helping us to streamline communications between our organisations.

Roles & Permissions Matrix

Below is a grid describing the permissions granted to the various roles available within the Portal:

Portal Permissions Grid (Updated 22-01-2020)

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