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Customer Profile Overview

The Customer Profile is the hub of your organisation’s information within the QuantityWare Portal. It provides an overview of various pieces of information we hold on your organisation and provides links to the various customer data management screens that allow you to keep your systems, contacts, reminders and contract up to date.

If you have appropriate access, you can use the Customer Profile to set your organisation’s BCS software level, which is used as a filter in the DataLounge so that only relevant software / CSPs / notes are presented to you.

Accessing the Customer Profile

You can access the Customer Profile as follows:

  • Click “Customer” in the navigation menu
  • Select “Customer Profile”

The Customer Profile will be displayed, as shown to the right:

Depending on your portal role, some of the above tabs may not be available. Each tab provides certain information / functionality:

  • Summary – View the name and address that we have on record for your organisation
  • Agreements – View a summary of the current, previous and upcoming agreements / contracts you have with QuantityWare, including the start/expiries, scale, complexity, productive software and status
  • Systems – View a list of all systems in your organisation that have QuantityWare usage keys
  • Contacts – View contact details of the people in your organisation with roles on the QuantityWare portal
  • Reminders – View a list of people in your organisation who receive reminders from the Portal (and the days where reminders are sent), for agreement expiries, usage key expiries and invoices
  • Questionnaires – View a summary of any current and previous Usage Questionnaires submitted for your Customer (if applicable), and open each questionnaire to view all answers and results

Customer Name and Addresses

Since Portal v6.15.0 (released in February 2023), the Portal maintains three names & addresses for your organisation:

  • Legal name and addresses – used in contracts, contract addendums, and other legal documentation
  • Payments / invoicing name and address – used for quotes and invoicing sent to your organisation
  • Postal name and address – used for posting documentation to your organisation

These are displayed in on the Customer tab within the Customer Profile. By default, the Payments and Postal name and address are set to match the Legal name and address.

Making Changes

You can request changes to the Legal, Payment, and/or Postal name and address details we have for your organisation.

Required Permission

To request changes, your Portal user must have one of the following Contact Roles:

  • Management
  • Cust Admin

If you do not have either of these Contact Roles, please speak with a colleague at your organisation with the relevant Contact Role(s). You can view the roles of each member of your organisation via the Contacts Manager.

Saving Changes

You must click the “Request Changes” button in the Action Bar to apply your changes.

This will send your changes will be sent to QuantityWare for review – see Saving Changes below.

Saving Changes

Once you have made all required changes to the name(s) and address(es) for your organisation:

  • Click “Request Changes” in the Action Bar

Your changes will be validated and, if there are no issues, a ticket will be automatically raised with the QuantityWare team requesting your changes.

After a few moments the page will refresh, and you’ll see a message to confirm that your request has been sent, along with a link to the Ticket itself (should you wish to add any further comments).

Additionally, you will receive an email to confirm that your ticket has been raised with the QuantityWare team. You can view the ticket at any time via the SupportCentre.

Request Processing

Whilst waiting for the request to be confirmed, the Customer Profile will show a read-only list of the existing, active details and the requested details:

In the example above, we performed the following request:

  • Change the Payment Address as follows:
    • Change the Address Line 1 to Finance Department
    • Move the previous Address Line 1 (Zeiloch 1b) to Address Line 2

The QuantityWare team may have queries relating to your request. If they do, they will reply to your ticket and you’ll receive an email notification. You can reply to the ticket via the SupportCentre to respond to any queries. After any queries are resolved, the QuantityWare team will confirm the implementation of the request.

You’ll receive a confirmation email when the customer detail change request has been processed.

Canceling the Request

If you made an error in your original request, you can either add a comment to the ticket to explain the error and request a change or cancel the request before raising a new one. To cancel the request:

  • Open your Customer Details Changes ticket (see SupportCentre for details on opening tickets)

The Customer Details Changes ticket will be displayed.

  • Click “Cancel Request” in the Action Bar

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