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TUKR Overview

To receive the initial four (4) week complimentary non-productive “Test” usage key for any QuantityWare product or products, prospective customers should complete the “Test usage Key Request” (TUKR) form via the Portal.

You can access the TUKR at, or within the Portal by selecting the “TUKR” item in the navigation menu when not logged in.

New Customers Only

If your organisation is already a customer of QuantityWare, you should not use the TUKR to request new keys for your systems.

Existing customers can generate keys for new systems via the Systems Manager.

The TUKR is split into several sections, each of which is described below:

Important Details

Please read this as this provides important information regarding what your organisation is applying for.

Organisation Details

Complete the details of the legal entity that is requesting the test usage keys. These details will be used for any future invoices, POs etc and so must be the official address for your organisation.

Contact Details

The team members you enter here will be granted Portal user accounts (“Contacts”), which are vital to perform various functions, including:

  • Communication with the QuantityWare team via the SupportCentre
  • Downloading of software, updates and notes
  • Obtaining test and productive usage keys
  • Maintaining organisation data

As described in the TUKR, we require at least one “Management”, “Application” and “Technical” contact:

  • Management contact – a person who controls the overall process but is also given full authority in our portal to change / request / delete Contacts. If you wish to define a “Manager” that has overall authority, but will not require any portal access, state this in the “Comments” section of the form. To allow the “Management” actions such as Contact change / request / deletion, add an additional Contact by pressing the “+New Contact” button – giving this person at least the role of “Cust. Admin.”
  • Application contact – a person that will have responsibility at the application-level for the quantity conversions within the SAP-system and its business processes.
  • Technical Contact – a person who will be responsible for the SAP-Basis technical actions (such as client copies, system maintenance, add-on installation etc.).

Please feel free to define any other additional Contacts as you wish, however this is not essential, and they can be defined later in the business relationship.

Learn more about Roles and the permissions they grant to your organisation’s Contacts on the Portal Roles page.

Target Systems

Here you enter the details of one or two systems that you will be installing a test usage key of a QuantityWare product on.

If you do not know the details of the system(s) you will be receiving from SAP, please enter a SAP Installation No. of “<abbreviated company name>” (10 characters) and a SID of “ABC”.

In addition to your system details, select the product required (BCP / BCG / CTP / CTG) for each system.

Client Field

  • The “Client” field is not relevant unless you are requesting a usage key for a single client in a single SAP system that has multiple companies / organisations /divisions with their own separate clients.
  • If you specify a client, you can only call the application in the specified client. i.e. Only specify a client if you are sharing your systems with other organisation(s) working in different clients who do not have a QuantityWare usage key.

SAP Release

Here you specify the release of SAP you’ll be using for your BCS environment.

This allows us to select the best version of BCS for you, and allows us to provide you with the appropriate software for download in the DataLounge.

Usage Key Period

This is the installation date from which the usage keys will be required.

Test Usage Key Requests are usually processed within two days, however in some circumstances the processing of your request may take longer (if there are queries to resolve).

To guarantee you have access to the full four-weeks of testing, your usage keys will be granted a four-week validity from either the date you specified, or the date of process completion, whichever is further in the future.

Request Contact and Comments

The person responsible for making the Test Usage Key Request should enter their details in this section and any additional comments they wish to communicate (e.g. the “Manager” / “Cust.Admin.” situation described above).

Confirmations & Submit

To Submit the TUKR, you must first complete the Image Selection challenge and then read and agree to the Data Protection Notice.

If you do not agree to the Data Protection Notice, we cannot accept the disclosure of your data to us and as such cannot process your request.

Click “Submit” to submit your request to QuantityWare. If there are any issues with the data you have entered, or you missed any key data, a message will be shown describing what needs to be changed.

After Submitting your request, it will usually be processed within two German working days.

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