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ASTM Tables 8, 26 and 56

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QuantityWare has developed a computerized implementation of the printed ASTM Tables 8, 26 and 56 (part of “Petroleum Measurement Tables – Intraconversion between volume measures and density measures – ASTM D1250-80, VOl. XI/XII”), which provides conversion factors between U.S. quantities in customary units and metric units of measure. With this implementation, QuantityWare customers using BCP1.0A can easily implement traditionally used conversion routines within their SAP Oil&Gas System – even although they are not conform to the current ASTM D1250-04 standard. The provision of such functions shows QuantityWare’s commitment to support legacy requirements based upon established business and governmental requirements.

RFA Associate Membership

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Today QuantityWare’s RFA (Renewable Fuels Association) associate membership was confirmed. The RFA is a U.S.-based organization with international membership which is dedicated to furthering the interests of all organizations and companies concerned with the strategically important market of renewable fuels. At the current time, RFA committees are working on the definition of new standards containing VCF (Volume Conversion Factor) definitions for Ethanol and Bio Diesel products. Once defined and released to the industry, QuantityWare will provide accurate implementations of such standards within the functionality of its BCP product. This product can be purchased for use by any organization running the SAP Oil&Gas solution.

ASTM D633-97

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Implementation of the VCF standard for Road Tars – ASTM D633-97, re-approved 2005 (based upon 60FAH) has been completed. QuantityWare has also programmed own extensions for 15CEL and 20CEL to this standard. The functionality has been integrated into BCP10A and will be delivered in the next CSP which is planned for the middle of April.

Provision of Extended LPG Measurement

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The GPA TP-25 (LPG) was developed to support calculations from a basis of 60 degree Fahrenheit. Using tables 23E and 24E and following the logic of ASTM D 1250-04, procedure, QuantityWare has developed an enhancement to allow reliable usage of these tables for base temperatures of 15 and 20 degree Celsius. For more information, please send a mail to

Maintenance Update

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Release of SP2 for BCP 10A using SAP ERP2005. The package contains full support for ASTM D-1250-80, the official release of ABNT NBR5992 and small enhancements to the TP-25 solution. The package is available for all customers with valid maintenance agreements, on request.