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BCP 10A Production Completed

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After the successful completion of multiple tests, the production of our BCP 10A SAINT installation package has been finished. This package will be submitted to the ICC Department at SAP for certification on SAP R/3 Enterprise 47×200.

BCP Production Start

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After receiving delivery of the AAK (Addon Assembly Kit) from the SAP ICC (Integration and Certification Centre), production of the BCP delivery package has started. Once dates have been confirmed, it is hoped that this package can be presented by QuantityWare for certification by the SAP ICC within the first half of July.

We don’t Just Calculate Petroleum Products!

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QuantityWare has successfully tested an ABAP implementation of the LPG TP25 standard. This standard is currently being revised by the ISO, however the successful test of this fully-functional and production-stable calculation engine proves QuantityWare’s commitment to providing calculation solutions for all branches of the global energy industry.