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Obtaining Access

In order to access the Portal, you need to sign up and set your password. See below for details.

Signing Up

When you’re first signed up to the QuantityWare Service Portal (the Portal), you’ll be sent an email, which will specify your username (which is your email address) include a link to activate your account and set your Portal password. If you don’t receive this email, please first check your spam folder and if still not found please contact who will assist you.

Once you’ve set a password, your account is active, and you can login to the Portal.

Requesting an Account

Usually, you will be invited to join the Portal when your customer has been added to the Portal.

If you have not been invited to join the portal directly but require access on behalf of a specific customer, please contact the person in the customer organisation responsible for maintaining such users.

For security and data privacy reasons we cannot provide non-validated users with access to customer records.

Logging In

  1. Access the QuantityWare Service Portal via
    1. Enter your email address / username
    2. Enter your password
    3. Select the correct image from our challenge
    4. Click “Log In”

Failed Logins

You will receive an email for any failed attempt to log in with your account.

If you receive such an email unexpectedly, it is recommended to change your password (see below) and raise a Portal Issue ticket with the QuantityWare team, who can investigate further.

After 10 failed login attempts in a row, your account will be suspended.

In order to remove any suspension you must click the “Request Account Suspension” link in the “account suspended” email you will receive on account suspension.

Resetting Your Password

If you’ve forgotten the password for your account on the QuantityWare Service Portal, you can reset as follows:

  1. On the login screen at
    1. Click “Forgot your password?” under the “Log In” button, or
    2. Click the “Forgot Password?” item in the navigation menu
    3. Enter your password
    4. Click “Request Password Reset”

A confirmation message will be displayed, and a password reset email will be sent to the email you specified. The email will contain a link, which will take you to the password reset screen. Enter your password (twice) and confirm to reset your password. You can now log in using your email address and the password you specified.

If you don’t receive the reset email, please first check your spam folder and if still not found please contact who will assist you.

Changing Your Password

If you wish to change your password, you can make the change in the My Profile screen. See the My Profile section of this guide for details.

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